Monday, November 5, 2007

Grand Prairie 400K

I did my third 400K brevet for the year last Sturday. This was a new route for the Lonestar Randonneurs and it's a winner. Nice, easy route that's pretty flat. Started at Lynn Creek Marina and ran south to Buffalo, TX and back.

Real nice weather for this one. Moderate temperatures and a tailwind all the way to Buffalo. Then, the wind died out for the trip back home! Sweet!

I rode with two guys who were doing their first 400K brevets and we had a good time enjoying the scenery - at least until it turned dark. But we had a clear sky with no moon until early in the morning. We could see the Milky Way up in the sky at one brief stop along the road.

Most of the roads became devoid of traffic after about 8 PM so we had the rural roads to ourselves. That's my favorite time to ride and with twin Schmidt lights, I really enjoyed myself.

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