Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kickapoo Joy Juice 200K Permanent

Hurricane Ike was on it's way to Houston, so took off work on Thursday before to get a 200K in before the weekend. I rode the Kickapoo Joy Juice permanent route from Canton, TX to Palesetine, TX in an out-and-back route using mostly county roads and very low traffic FM roads. The route is a bucolic celebration with some steep hills, a little rough road, lots of rural scenery, and a few dogs just for fun. The route can be found on Bikely.

I only got a couple pictures because I forgot to put the memory card back in the camera after the last ride!

This picture is just a little past the turn onto the county road south of Martins Mill. Tree canopied roads are common along this route. Just ahead a bit I came to the first of several dogs. The northern county roads were pretty doggiefied this day. I suspect that lots of folks just let the dogs out when they go to work hoping they'll protect the property from wayward cyclists like me.

Another shot along the roads north of Athens. Unfortunately, without a memory card, two pictures filled up the tiny internal memory of the camera, so that was it. But, here you can see some of the typical rough roads encountered along the way. It was pretty variable. Some of the roads were very smooth. Some stretches quite rough, but most had rough patches that were easily avoidable or minimized.

The southern section of the route, as it gets within about 10 miles of Palestine, gets very huilly with numerous short, but steep climbs one after another. Then, after reaching Palestine and have a bit to eat, you turn around and do it all over again the other direction. By the time I get back to Athens, my legs are pretty trashed, so the gentler hills from there back to Canton are a welcome relief.
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