Sunday, September 7, 2008

This post might be called, "Interesting Things along the Permanent".  I rode the OK is OK route out of Greenville, TX looping up through very southern Oklahoma.  It's a nice route that I've done a bunch of times previously and uses lots of low traffic roads.  I was really just looking for an easy 200K and have been saving this route for such a time.  You can see the route here although the route may be reverse.  I rode clockwise.
Anyway, I took the camera along and found a few interesting things long the way.
This isn't the most interesting though it does show some of the typical scenery along the route.  I took this picture after climbing the "Leonard Hills", a series of short, but steep rises between Leonard and Randolph

This is the Carpenters Bluff Bridge.  It was built in the the very early 1900's as a railroad bridge across the Red River separating Texas and Oklahoma.  Years later, a cantelevered addition was built onto the side of the bridge and a toll was charged for wagons to cross.  More years later the railroad that built the bridge went under, the bridge was given to the county on the Oklahoma side and it was converted to a one-lane auto bridge.  This is the oldest bridge between the two states I know of that can be crossed by bike (or car) and is way-cool to ride across.

While crossing the bridge into Oklahoma, I looked down and saw an old pickup truck stuck in the sand.  How this truck got here, and whether the folks on the right have anything to do with it (I doubt) I have no idea.  But something tells me that alcohol was involved.
The Silver Dollar Cafe is a little convenience store/eatery just north of the bridge.  It looks like a real dump, and, yeah, it is.  but they have nice weekend lunuch buffet that is small, but has excellent fried catfish.  I didn't stop today as it was still kind of early.  Maybe next time.

There wasn't much to photograph elsewhere in Oklahoma.  I did pass a huge dairy butit was about a quarter mile off the road and they didn't accept visitors on Sunday.  It looked like it might be worth a look on a Saturday if I can get there before noon.  So, back across the Red river on a different bridge.  This one is quite a bit newer than the other, built, I think in the 1940's or 50's.  It's still got a lot more character than the newer bridges.

This is always a welcome sight.  Riding through Indian Territories is all very nice, but it's good to be home.

I found this old barn just south of Gober.  Kind quaint in a rustic run down way.  Sort of like most of Gober.

OK, so here's the wierd sigting of the day.  Just north of Wolfe City on TX-34.  As far as I can tell, the victim sits in the chair and gets spun around every which way imaginable until he, or his tormenter, have had enough.  Bodily fluids then are ejected from the mouth at a high velocity.

How the owner happened to come into possession, or why he would want to own a device with the sole purpose of making people vomit is beyond me.  But, you could own it next.  I'll pass on taking a twirl.

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